Dalbrae News- Exam Schedule and Expectations

Student Expectations During Examinations and Exam Schedule




Students are responsible for knowing when your examinations are being written.  If you “sleep in” or “forget” when an examination is being written you will not be permitted to do a Make Up examination.


Start Times

Students are expected to be at the school by 9:00 am.  Examinations are scheduled from

9:10 am -12:10 pm.  The earliest dismissal time is 11:00 am; students leaving examination room at the early dismissal need to vacate the hallways immediately.


Writing Areas

The location for your examination is often in the classroom where you normally take that course.  Saying this, you must verify this with your classroom teacher prior to the exam in case there is a change.  The locations for each examination will be announced prior to the review day.


Alternate Locations

Any student requiring a scribe or alternate location has to have an adaptation for such in place prior to the exam. Teachers will be checking in with you to confirm an alternate location or scribing services.



Examinations are a major percentage of your course evaluation.  Anyone not taking the examination seriously, or causing any distraction in an examination room, will be removed from the writing area and be issued a zero for their final grade.


Course Materials/Personal Items

You will be expected to return your borrowed materials before writing the examination, please deposited textbooks to the classroom where you attended class. Outdoor clothing cannot be worn or left on chairs during examinations; you are directed to use your lockers to store your materials.


Food and Drinks

You are permitted to bring quiet snacks and drinks into the examination room.


Additional Notes:

  • Any student who is unable to write their scheduled examination must contact the school prior to its start time and speak to Mrs Whalley.

  • Students not writing examinations are not permitted on school site.

  • The buses will run during the regular times; morning and afternoon.  Students who stay at school for the afternoon will be assigned to a supervised Study Hall.

  • A Breakfast Program will be provided each morning by either School Administration or Cafeteria Personnel.

  • Students are not permitted to have electronic devices with them while they write their examinations.  Any electronic device must be turned off and left in the designated area in the examination room.



Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12

Friday, June 15





Tuesday, June 19

English 9

English 10 (NSE)

Science 10

Physics 11

Car Dev / WHS 11



Soc 12

Wednesday, June 20

Science 9

Math 10 (NSE)

Math at Work 10 (NSE)

French 11

Mi’kmaq Studies 11

Math At Work 11

French 12

Biology 12


Thursday, June 21

Math 9


Pre Cal 11

English 11

Gae St 11

GGS 12 (MC)

Physics 12

Friday, June 22

Citizenship 9-2

BIO 11

Ag Foods 11

Bio 11

Calculus 12

Eng 12

GGS 12 (MG)

Monday, June 25

Make-up Day










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